Alby speaking into the microphone

Training Includes

  • Private Training Sessions (one to one's on voice care, voice control, scripts, voice & audio acting and industry knowledge)
  • Production Studio Visits
  • Demo scripts written personally for each child to showcase talent
  • Professional Photographs
  • Audio Demo recorded in a professional studio

The training takes children through vocal knowledge & awareness, selling technique, voice care, studio & audio language, studio do's & dont's, studio familiarity, the role of producers, studio and client's, advertising agencies, script practice, microphone technique and nerves.Children practice, record and listen to themselves in a professional environment.

LittleVoice demo scripts are written at the end of each childs training. By then we know the child & we've highlighted strengths and weaknesses. Every voice over artist no matter how experienced, has particular areas where they excel and vocal weaknesses. In highlighting the childrens strengths we ensure they get work they'll enjoy and succeed at.

Training Explained

School of LittleVoice is a Performing Art & teaches a very unique skill. Voice-overs incorporate Acting, Presenting, Selling and Voice manipulation. It's a highly crafted skill and once learnt can be used for a lifetime.

Every child passes a trial before being invited to take SLV Training. During the trial, the child's approach to a script indicates if they'll enjoy it - fun is key.

The training offered by SLV is unique to Dubai. In other leading cities Media markets are more mature. Agencies & drama schools exist in their dozens so this training isn't needed. But Dubai is still growing as is the market for child performance arts and SLV has now become the dominating force in Dubai's advertising platforms. You'll hear LittleVoice voice-overs on every radio station, TV, websites, corporate AV's, training films and anything else requiring a child's voice. We're all around you :)