Top Tips for Hiring a LittleVoice

Top Tips for Hiring a LittleVoice

There is no doubt that children are great for advertising. It's a fact that children love listening to other children and adults are drawn to a child's voice. So whether on TV or listening to the radio everyone's more likely to turn the volume up when they hear a child. If that's your ad then suddenly everyone's listening!

But hiring a LittleVoice is like hiring an animal. They're not money focused and their drivers are very immediate. For example, Monkeys work for bananas and cuddles. If you hire a Monkey for a party the trainer will immediately tell you how to behave around the Monkey so it doesn't get upset, how long you have to cuddle the Monkey before it gets bored and what the Monkey will start doing once it gets fed-up.

The Monkey doesn't care that you're the client or how much you've paid for his visit, he won't care if you're late and he won't adapt to your new time because you were late and missed the first 15 minutes. It may sound harsh but children operate on the same premise.

  • They like to do well & get it right
  • They get bored easily A sweetie goes a long way!
  • Think of hiring a LittleVoice as a specialist purchase

Treated right children can be the most incredible advertising tool, they're wonderfully creative and you'll have great fun working with them.

The first 20 minutes is THE crucial timeframe.

That's when you'll get the best takes and children are completely focused. After 20 minutes their attention goes. This is not children being rude, it's a physical fact and part of being a child

Do not be late for the recording session.

One minute is like 15 to a child so every minute you keep them waiting you are losing their energy and focus. The crucial 20 minutes starts as soon as the child enters the studio so if you're 10 minutes late you've lost the first 10 minutes of your recording.

A session should never last more than 20 minutes

If you think your script is longer, book 2 sessions

Do not try to record for more than 40 minutes in an effort to cram everything in.

You're unlikely to get good audio out of a child after this time no matter how many takes you do.

A burst of sugar always helps the last take!!

If the child starts to flag, suggest a break, a drink and a couple of sweets!

Turn your mobiles off!

Keep long conversations till after the recording and try to listen to all the takes or patch it together AFTER the child's session. Get what you can in the first 20 minutes when they're excited, focused and dying to please you.