BIGVoice is a brand new concept for Dubai: A portal of Adult Voice Talent available to Studios, Ad Agencies, Events Companies & even Clients themselves. Flick through the UAE's voice over talent for free, see who's out there, listen to their demos and contact them yourself.

School of LittleVoice supplies fully trained professional child voices from ages 4 -18, with a range of accents & dialects. We voice Apps, TV & Radio Commercials, Animated Films, Websites, Corporate Videos, Imaging, Jingles and Singing for background/incidental music.

Celebrity BIGVoice

  • Catboy
  • Kris Fade
  • Two Tone

For the first time ever in the UAE, use a Celebrity Voice to endorse your product or company. The rest of the world is using hi-profile personalities for constant brand reinforcement.
Why don't you?

Kris Fade and Catboy talk to the public for 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. They host Galas, Events, Parties, write Columns and Kris is syndicated around the world Presenting. If they're your brand ambassadors then your Brand is constantly being represented, even after your advertising has stopped.

Email or call us to book a Celebrity voice for your product, we have lots!

Some of our clients

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